2020-2021 Affiliates

Ravinder Kauer

Ravinder Kaur

Visiting Scholar (Remote), 2020-2021
Associate Professor of Modern South Asian Studies; University of Copenhagen
Ravinder Kaur is Associate Professor of Modern South Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen. She works across the disciplines of history, anthropology... Read more about Ravinder Kaur
Graeme Thompson

Graeme Thompson

Visiting Fellow, WIGH, 2020-2021
Ernest May Postdoctoral Fellow in History and Policy, Harvard Kennedy School.

Graeme Thompson is an Ernest May Postdoctoral Fellow in History and Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. His current research is focused on the history...

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Hatice Yildiz

Hatice Yildiz

Visiting Fellow (Remote), 2020-2021
Lecturer, School of History, Classics, and Archeology, University of Edinburgh
Hatice Yıldız is a Lecturer in Modern Gender History at the University of Edinburgh, and a former Fellow at Merton College, University of Oxford. Her research... Read more about Hatice Yildiz
Kaicheng Zhang

Kaicheng Zhang

Global Fellow 2019-2021, WIGH
PhD Candidate in History, East China Normal University, China

Kaicheng Zhang is a PhD student at East China Normal University. His research focuses on the environmental experience...

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