Rombert Stapel

Rombert Stapel

PhD Candidate, IISH
Global Fellow at Harvard, 2015

Rombert Stapel (1983) studied Medieval History at Leiden University. He graduated in 2008 on a prosopographical study of the priest-brethren of the Teutonic Order in the Utrecht bailiwick (1350-1600). Since then he has been working on a PhD dissertation at Leiden University and the Fryske Akademy (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) concerning a late fifteenth century Middle Dutch chronicle of the Teutonic Order, the Croniken van der Duytscher Oirden or Jüngere Hochmeisterchronik, which became an influential text in the Baltic region in the sixteenth century. 

He is currently working as a researcher for the project Global Collaboratory on the History of Labour Relations 1500-2000. He is responsible for quality control of the databases produced by collaboratory members, but currently also researches, amongst other, labour relations in India around 1900, Unites States between 1800 and 2000 and England, Wales and the Low Countries around 1500.