Marcelo Ferraro

Marcelo Ferraro

PhD Candidate in History, Universidade de São Paulo
Global Fellow at Harvard University, 2015

Marcelo Ferraro has a degree in Law and in History from the University of São Paulo and is currently a student in the graduate program in social history. Recently, he has developed an interest in the slaveholding elites in the nineteenth-century Atlantic world. Under the advising of Dr. Rafael de Bivar Marquese at USP, Marcelo has explored the history of slave owners in the Paraíba Valley (a coffee-producing zone in the state of Rio de Janeiro) in the nineteenth century. He analyzes the architecture and the urban and social life of the city through various primary sources, such as postmortem estate inventories, archeological artifacts, travel literature, paintings, and pictures. His final paper looked at the making of a particular social class in this region and its political implications for the Brazilian Empire. He intends to compare this social class to the European and North-American nineteenth century bourgeoisies.

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Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil