Amitava Chowdhury

Amitava Chowdhury

2013-2014 WIGH Fellow
Associate Professor of History, Queen's University, Canada
Amitava Chowdhury

Amitava Chowdhury is an historian and historical archaeologist of agrarian labour regimes and colonial plantations in the British Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. His book, Horizons of Memory, looks at identity and subject formation of Indian indentured labourers in post-emancipation British Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. Previously, between 2001-2004, Dr. Chowdhury was engaged in historical archaeology of colonial Mauritius, and two of his excavated sites, Aapravasi Ghat and Le Morne Brabant, were subsequently inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. He is particularly interested in the meaning and theory of World History, and is actively engaged in research on South Asian diasporas and diaspora theories.

Dr. Chowdhury is the Managing Editor of The Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. He is a Visiting Fellow at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, and a collaborating member of the Indian Ocean World Centre, McGill University.