Recording of "Globalizing the History of Capitalism: A Roundtable" now available

May 4, 2022
Globalizing the History of Capitalism Roundtable

Our April 20th event "Globalizing the History of Capitalism: A Roundtable"  is now posted.


Pepijn Brandon, Associate Professor of History, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
"Slavery’s Capitalism beyond the Nation-State: Trans-imperial business operations and the plantation complex"

Graduate Student Stephanie Leitzel, reading for Kristen Alff, Assistant Professor of History and International Studies, North Carolina State.
"Global Southern Companies as Central to a Globalized History of Capitalism"

Westenley Alcenat, Assistant Professor of History, Fordham University.
"Haiti, Sovereign Debt Obligations, and the Globalization of Capitalism After Slavery"