2019-2020 Global History Seminars

September 4, 2019

Weatherhead Initiative on Global History Workshop Schedule 2019-20

Instructors: Sven Beckert and Sophus Reinert

All events take place on Mondays from 4-6pm in
Robinson Hall, Lower Library, Harvard University (unless otherwise noted)

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October 7
Dale Tomich, History and Sociology, Binghamton University
The Atlantic Slave-Sugar Complex in the Genoese Cycle of Accumulation: Origins of the Capitalist World-Economy

October 28
Pedro Machado, History, Indiana University
A Trove of Ocean Riches: Marine Products and the Political Economy of Empire

November 18
Antara Haldar, Law School, Cambridge University
The Future of the History of Capitalism

November 25
Steven Press, History, Stanford University
Capitalism and German Imperialism before World War I: A Reassessment

December 2
Prabhu Mohapatra, History, University of Delhi
The Worker in the Mirror of Law: Towards a Global History of Informality

February 10
Mandy M. Izadi, History, University of Oxford, Weatherhead Initiative on Global History
Unconquered People: A Transnational History of the Seminoles

February 24
Tithi Bhattacharaya, History and Global Studies, Purdue University
Making Tea, Making Empire: Social Reproduction of Workers in Colonial Assam

March 9
Tâmis Parron, History, Universidade Federal Fluminense
Black Slavery and World Accumulation: Towards a Global History of Value

March 23
Peer Vries, History, International Institute of Social History
Was Japan's Industrialization Different? Labour Intensity and the Developmental State, 1868-1937

April 6
Thomas Piketty, Economics, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
Capital and Ideology
Location TBA

April 20
Francesca Trivellato, History, Institute for Advanced Study Princeton
The Moral Economies of Early Modern Europe