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Edwin Ackerman

Edwin Ackerman

Visiting Fellow Spring 2019, Weatherhead Research Cluster on Global Transformations
Assistant Professor, Sociology, Syracuse University
Dr. Edwin Ackerman uses comparative-historical methods to understand how political identities form and become operative. He has studied this process in two... Read more about Edwin Ackerman
Justin F. Jackson

Justin F. Jackson

Visiting Fellow, WIGH
Assistant Professor of History, Bard College at Simon’s Rock
Research Interests: United States in the world; US empire; global labor history; war and society; Cuba; and Philippines.

Steven M. Press

Research Fellow, WIGH
WCFIA Graduate Student Associate
PhD Candidate, Department of History, Harvard University

Steven Press holds a Ph.D. in History from Harvard University (2014). He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Stanford University. In...

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1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge MA 02138
p: 617-496-3586

Jie Yang

Associate Professor, East China Normal University
Global Fellow at Harvard, 2014-2015

Research Interests: The dissemination of Modern Chinese culture in the United States; and Modern Chinese mineral-resource development and foreign trade from...

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Sheng Li

PhD Candidate in History, East China Normal University
Global Fellow at Harvard, 2016

Research interests:
Population history of America, especially the aging population, from a historical and global perspective

Marcelo Ferraro

PhD Candidate in History, Universidade de São Paulo
Global Fellow at Harvard University, 2015

Marcelo Ferraro has a degree in Law and in History from the University of São Paulo and is currently a student in the graduate program in social history....

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Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

HIST 1217 - U.S. Foreign Policy in a Global Age





The United States is the most powerful player on the international scene today, and is unlikely to relinquish that position any time soon. Understanding how and why this condition arose, and what it means for world affairs today, is our concern in this course. The emphasis is on U.S. policymaking over the past century, with due attention to the international and domestic political context in which decisions were made. Issues to be explored include the tension between isolationism and interventionism and between unilateralism and multilateralism; the emergence of the U.S. as a...

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HIST 1014 - Gender & Empire





This course takes a cultural approach to connected histories and more contemporary developments of (post)colonial national identity formations, U.S. empire, and globalization during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries through the lenses of gender, race, and appearance. We will examine visual and performative cultural arenas such as beauty pageants, advertising, mass media, film, and video and investigate how discourses of racial and gendered aesthetics functioned in structuring and maintaining colonial forces and empire.

AFRAMER 142 - Hiphop and Don't Stop: Global Hiphop





Hiphop is a global phenomenon that influences social life far beyond the music and entertainment industries. Yet beyond descriptions and critiques of its mass appeal, few have considered hip-hop's development of standards and evaluations across all artistic areas and culture. Moreover, the consequences of an audience trained in the changing standards of hip-hop and charged with upholding them, has not been thoroughly explored. This course provides a critical examination of hip-hop in the US and its role as a cultural, political and artistic resource for youth. It will explore the...

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Florian Weber

Florian Weber

Visiting Scholar, Spring 2014
PhD Candidate in Economic History, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Florian Weber studied Economic History and Economics at University of Zurich and Autonomous University of Madrid. He obtained his MA degree in 2012...

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Westenley Alcenat

Westenley Alcenat

WIGH Associate 2015-2016
PhD Candidate in History, Columbia University

Westenley (Wes) Alcenat is a PhD candidate in history at Columbia University in New York City. His research interest is in comparative U.S and Caribbean...

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Tâmis Parron

Tâmis Parron

Assistant Professor of History, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil
2016-2017 Volkswagen Global Fellow, WIGH

Tamis Parron is the WIGH Volkswagen Global Fellow.  He received his PhD from the University of Sao Paulo in 2015, where his...

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Holger Droessler

Holger Droessler

WIGH Associate
Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Bard College
Ph.D., Harvard (2015)

Research Interests: 19th-century U.S. history, colonialism, global labor history, Pacific history