Cuba: Living Between Hurricanes - Climate, Commodities and Sustainability (Cuba: Vivir Entre Ciclones - Clima, Mercancías y Sostenibilidad)

living_between_hurricanes.pngThis documentary film explores the impacts of extreme weather events and global commodity frontiers on the natural environment and local communities in Cuba's Caibarién-Remedios region, where Hurricane Irma - one of the most powerful ever to sweep the Caribbean - made landfall on September 9, 2017. 

A film about the elements – hurricanes and rain, the sea and the earth.

About a fishing port on the north coast of Cuba which has seen better days: Caibarién, where Hurricane Irma – one of the most powerful ever to sweep the Caribbean – made landfall on 9th September 2017.

About the effects of climate across the centuries in a Caribbean island sucked into global markets for its commodity crops – tobacco, coffee and above all, sugar. How sugar changed the landscape, through deforestation and soil exhaustion.

About the collapse of sugar and the encroachment of a new commodity market – tourism.

About the growing threat from climate change, and the move towards reforestation, ecotourism and sustainable farming.

Filmed, edited, and directed by Michael Chanan. Written and produced by Jonathan Curry-Machado and Jean Stubbs.



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