AFRAMER 142 - Hiphop and Don't Stop: Global Hiphop





Hiphop is a global phenomenon that influences social life far beyond the music and entertainment industries. Yet beyond descriptions and critiques of its mass appeal, few have considered hip-hop's development of standards and evaluations across all artistic areas and culture. Moreover, the consequences of an audience trained in the changing standards of hip-hop and charged with upholding them, has not been thoroughly explored. This course provides a critical examination of hip-hop in the US and its role as a cultural, political and artistic resource for youth. It will explore the artistic, social, cultural, linguistic and political implications of hip-hop. It is taught from the perspective of cultural and linguistic anthropology and media studies. Each year the course will include a special topic with guest lecturers. Topics include: gender and sexuality, spirituality, health, psychology, philosophy, education, politics, art, nationalism, etc.